Clubs and Organizations

  • Ignite

Ignite brings students together to worship and trains them to live as disciples of Christ.

  • President:  Jroine Johnson
  • Advisor:  Emily Fahey

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

  • President: Emily Ames
  • Advisor: Rick Spillman


The Knitwits is a relaxing and fun community for people to come together and knit or crochet. It is open to people of all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced levels. Come hang out with them and learn to make scarves, hats, blankets, and much more! Because knitting isn't just for grandmas! 

  • Presidents: Artissima Sawatzki & Carolyn Knackstedt
  • Advisor:Jennifer Warwick

Latinos Unidos

L.U. provides awareness around the University about different types of Latino cultures in order to provide a welcoming environment to Latino students.

  • Presidents: Karino Sandoval
  • Advisor: Giovanna Urdangarain

Latter-Day Saint Student Association

 Encourages fellowship and scripture study among Latter-day Saint students and all others desiring to be involved.

  • President: Jackson Pierce
  • Advisor: Catherine Pratt

L.U.N.I.C.Y.C.L.E.R.S. (Lutes with a Unique and Nifty Interest in Cautiously Yet Courageously Learning an Exquisitely Radical Skill)

The PLU Unicyclers Club is a group of students that exists to introduce and teach all those who would like to learn the unique skill of unicycling. Their purpose is to offer the plu community a recreational sport in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. They are committed to supporting and encouraging fellow students and faculty to step outside the box and try something new!

  • President: Mackenzie Dean
  • Advisor: Hannah Middlebrook


The mission of Lute Nation is to step together in representation of all college life, genders, creeds, and nationalities, to bridge the gap between PLU and its surrounding community, to entertain and educate while advancing the art form and culture of stepping and to have fun and meet others.

  • Captains:Mamie Howard & Jonathan Adams
  • Advisor: Melannie Denise Cunningham
  • email:

The Mark

The Mark provides a creative atmosphere in which students may workshop current writing projects, allowing for positive critical growth manifested by a supportive group that maintains an interest in writing. The Mark contributes to the development of the written word on the PLU Campus.

  • President: Haley Taylor & Jennifer Arbaugh
  • Advisor: Jason Skipper
  • Email:

Mary Lund-Davis Undergraduate Student Investment Fund

The Mary Lund-Davis Undergraduate Student investment fund endowed with $25,000 from Mary Lund-Davis in 1982, now managing a $140,000 portfolio in the stock market. Weekly meetings consist of an economic report and a portfolio performance update. Rotates weekly between having stock proposals/revaluations and having an educational topic in finance with discussion. Meetings are Thursdays, 7:30 pm, in Morken 124. No finance experience required.

  • President: Shawn Warwick
  • Advisor: Dr. Ufuk Ince

Men as Partners Promoting Equality (MAPPE)

MAPPE exists to promote healthy relationships, address issues of sexual assault, encourage positive, healthy expressions of masculinity and be visible, outspoken allies for all who experience prejudice, discrimination, and sexist violence on campus and in our communities.

  • Presidents: Joseph Basler
  • Advisor: Jonathan Grove
  • Email:

MeDent (PLU Pre-Med & Pre-Dental Club)

MeDent provides resources to aid in the application processes to medical and dental schools as well as peer support for PLU students interested in medical and dental fields.

  • Presidents: Carolyn Knackstedt & Matt Nordlie (dental pres)
  • Advisor: Amy Seigesmund

Montana Club

The Montana Club provides students from or interested in Montana with a means to connect with each other for the purpose of coordinating rides to Montana and creating a community for the appreciation of Montanan culture.

  • Presidents: Hannah Anderson & Andrew Larsen
  • Advisor: Mary Jo Larsen

Mu Phi Epsilon

Mu Phi Epsilon fosters the ideals of service to school and community; develops an awareness that artistic gifts are to be shared; promotes high scholarship, musicianship, and friendship through service; and provides opportunities for strong artistic and personal abilities.

  • President: Kristin McCarthy
  • Advisor: Gina Gilli

Network for Peacebuilding and Conflict Mediation (NPCM)

NPCM provides a network of students and faculty interested in peacebuilding and conflict management that can share resources, knowledge, expertise, and opportunities with each other in an effort to build a stronger, more peaceful world.

  • President: Rachel Samardich
  • Advisor: Prof. Amanda E. Feller
  • Website: 

Night of Musical Theater (NOMT)

NOMT strives to provide a fun and engaging opportunity to learn about the distinct art of musical theatre through the formation of a unique show compiled of several different musical numbers culminating in a performance that ahs long been a tradition at PLU.

Opera Club

Oseh Shalom

A catalyst toward a meaningful and engaged Jewish life, Oseh Shalom creates a pluralistic community of young adults who utilize innovative and growth-oriented experiences to create a bridge to the larger Jewish and general communities.  The organization fosters identity, knowledge, community, and purpose.

  • President: Jacob Glickman
  • Advisor: Lisa Marcus

Phi Alpha Delta/Delta Ro

Eager to promote a closer bond among students of social work and to enter into more intimate fellowship with those dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian goals and ideals by a professional group which quality educational preparation is deemed imperative, students and faculty involved in social work education at Pacific Lutheran University resolve to sponsor a Chapter of Phi Alpha National Honor Society, thereby to foster high standards of education for social work and to invite into membership those who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement as students of social work.

Philosophy Club

The philosophy club meets on a periodic basis to discuss topics of interest and/or importance to philosophy students.  The goals of philosophy club are to supplement the official PLU philosophy curriculum, to engage students in a meaningful way outside of the classroom, to establish a sense of community among philosophy students, and to promote the study of philosophy at PLU.

  • Presidents: Peter Joyce & Jessica Sadler
  • Advisor: Michael Schleeter

PLU Cycling Club

The goal of PLU cycling club is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in fun and safe rides, learn about cycling, as well as compete at the collegiate level in the NWCCC.

PLU Community Garden

The garden is a 10,000 square foot garden that uses only organic practices. PLU Community Garden produces tons of produce for the needy in Parkland. Most of the food goes to trinity Lutheran's food pantry or homeless shelters.

PLU Democrats 

The PLU Democrats are dedicated to bringing a greater knowledge of political issues to the PLU community. They also help with Democratic campaigns on the local, state, and national level. 

  • President: Eric Herde
  • Advisor: Sid Olufs

PLU Kendo

Kendo is a modern Japanes martial art.  PLU Kendo exists to nurture, develop, and instill honor in oneself, and to provide an opportunity to become a better student, person, and citizen while meditating on the "Way of the Sword."

  • President: Julian Banbury
  • Advisor: Teru Toyokawa

PLU Poro Patrol

  • President: Matthew Ambrosecchio
  • Advisor: Erik Hammerstrom

PLU Ski and Snowboard Club

The mission of Ski and Snowboard Club is to provide a supportive community for skiers and snowboarders and other enthusiasts of self-propelled snow sports and to spread the stoke of snow sports.

  • President: Kyle Monahan
  • Advisor: Julie Smith


PLUtonic is PLU's men's A Cappella ensemble, which seeks to inspire, motivate and change the world of acapella through love of singing, building a strong brotherhood and sharing our passion with the community of PLU.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The purpose of Pre-Pharmacy Club is to advise students interested in attending pharmacy school and to help them as best they can.

  • Presidents: Alicia James
  • Advisor: Neal Yakelis

Pre-Vet Club

Pre-Vet Club enables all students who desire to attend vet school the opportunity to learn more about the life of veterinarians, in addition to working with animals through volunteering and fundraising.

  • Presidents: Kelsey Houglum
  • Advisor: Dr. Tom Carlson
  • Email:


Progress raises funds to go towards children who are in need of medical care (to the Free Care Fund at Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma). They advocate and raise awareness about the healthcare system and issues in U.S. healthcare.

  • Presidents: Maxwell Silver & Hannah Juzeler
  • Advisor: Neal Yakelis

Psychology Club

The purposes of psychology club are to promote learning about the field of psychology, to provide a way to explore career options, to build a network among students interested in psychology, and to a group structure that the work done in psychology major classes.

Psi Chi National Honor Society

Psi Chi is an academic society that drives to produce a well-educated, ethical, and socially responsible member committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology, and to society in general.

  • Presidents: Kathryn Boelk
  • Advisor: Jon E. Grahe