Clubs and Organizations

Easy as 1-2-3

It would take hours to describe all the ways to get involved at PLU. In fact, we make it easy to participate. The choices are many: lead a sea kayak trip, direct a television show, edit the literary magazine, try stand-up comedy or organize a lecture series. PLU hosts an Involvement Fair each fall where students can learn about more than 70 clubs and organizations. The possibilities are limitless. PLU has hundreds of opportunities that allow you to pursue an interest – even if it is something you’ve never done before. Especially if it is something you’ve never done before.

Homecoming week: Meant to Live

Homecoming brings together current students and alumni as part of "Meant to Live"

You can change the world with Amnesty International or work side-by-side with faculty to implement earth-friendly practices on campus. Some clubs are tailor-made to apply lessons from the classroom like the Student Investment Fund, where you meet each week with students and business professors to invest real money in the stock market. Of course, there are clubs that allow you to recharge your spirit with others who share similar interests, belief systems or cultures, such as the Asian Pacific Islanders Club. PLU’s Diversity Center is a leader in connecting students with clubs that focus on exploring diverse cultures.

In short, joining a club is as easy!  Just follow these three steps:

  1. Find a Club:  Use this website as a current, up to date listing of active clubs at PLU.  We've sorted them by type and alphabetically, so peruse around for a bit until you find the club that matches your needs and interests.
  2. Choose a Club:  Once you've found a club, find out more about them by emailing the current president or checking out their club website.
  3. Join a Club:  Now that you've made the first two steps, it's time to join!  Find out when/where the club is meeting and make it happen.