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Club Presidents, you are invited to SLI!

The Student Leadership Institute is a nationally recognized three-day leadership training program in August that includes departments and organizations across student life. Last year, the Student Leadership Institute program hosted over 200 student leaders including clubs in dynamic community of learning and engagement.. This year, you are invited!

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Club Presidents, click here to RSVP for the Student Leadership Institute!

Student Leadership Institute is rooted in empowering students for a year of growing their individual leadership, leading within a group and living authentically as a citizen. Students at PLU are leaders in a whole host of capacities; given the multiple dimensions of students’ lives (i.e., spiritual, academic, involvement, etc). SLI strives to create opportunities that are both appropriate and challenging for students in a time where you are beginning a fresh year of leadership to better meet the evolving experience of new and continuing student leaders both in and outside of the classroom.

SLI will be August 25-27 with a welcome dinner on the 24th. SLI is completely free to Club Presidents including room/board until August 29th. If you have other club executive that may be interested in attending, please email to inquire on space availability.

Thank you for commitment to your club and service to PLU!  You are building experiences that support learning and development of all students in the community. Let SLI assist you in connecting with other leaders across campus and strengthening your leadership for the year ahead!

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