Team work is great. We encourage all clubs to collaborate on their projects with other clubs or organizations that may contribute to their topic. This will provide everyone with the ability to split the labor and costs, and also to create more rounded programming that in the end will be a richer experience for your audience.

For example, if your club wants to sponsor a program to raise awareness about eating disorders, you can start by brainstorming and contacting other organizations that may have similar ideas, like the Women’s Center in this case, which is a well of information about this topic. They can share their experiences with conducting similar events, help you find additional information, and may be even help to fund it! In the end, collaboration benefits everyone.

Rock Band

SIL Interns and ASPLU Student Senate pooled their resources to co-sponsor a Rock Band © tournament in the Cave. The SIL Interns provided valuable experience in programming all-campus events and, in turn, ASPLU helped to fund this program which included two game station set-ups.