Making Space/Room Reservations, Multimedia Reservation, or Ordering Catering for your event

All of this can be done when you fill out an event request with Conferences and Events.  Before you start the event submitting process, be sure you have completed the event planning process and have all your club’s information available (like account numbers, email addresses).

  • On the “Required Info” tag, choose where you would like to hold your event on campus.
  • On the “Multimedia” tag, be sure to list all of your media needs.
  • On the “Catering” tag make your catering requests.  Be sure to check out the menu/prices before hand.  Remember that ASPLU appropriations will not pay for catering.
Making a Vehicle Reservation

Campus Safety in Harstad Hall is responsible for scheduling vehicles.  Student organization officers are entitled to use a PLU vehicle if the club is currently active.  Any driver must obtain driver certification from Campus Safety. Vehicle expenses will be charged against your PLU club account.  Please see the Driving Safety Manual at