The Odds and Ends of Programming and Event Management

Long title, but for good reason—planning an event is hard.  Here is a list of some things you may have not thought of OR wasn’t listed in the sections above.

Making Copies

Copy cards can be secured through the library to be used for small jobs.  For larger jobs, fill out a PLU Marketing & Communication copy request form (available at and charge the copying fee to your club’s account.  Quick copy jobs usually take one day, and offset printing requires 1-2 weeks.

Purchasing Balloons

Helium filled balloons for your event can be purchased through the PLU bookstore.  You can purchase the balloons ahead of time and have them delivered for a small fee.

Type of Balloon Price
 Foil Mylar Balloon $3.00
 Single Latex Balloon $0.75
 Small Bouquet — 3 Latex/1 Mylar $5.25
 Large Bouquet — 5 Latex/1 Mylar $6.75
 Delivery $3.00
Scheduling bulk mailings

Marketing & Communication Mail Services assists departments in coordinating and scheduling of bulk or vended mailings which may include:

  • Working closely with the printing and design staff to determine the proper classification of postage according to requested due date.
  • Scheduling the drop date according to requested due date with selected vended services.
  • Providing estimates from selected vended services.
  • Staging completed projects for pick-up and delivery to vended services.
  • Ensuring that project has been mailed on the date required.
Use of the PLU Logo

PLU has specific rules for the rose window logo prescribed by PLU Marketing & Communication.  For more information, please download the branding guidelines(pdf).