Student Club and Organization Awards

Every year the Student Involvement and Leadership office recognize the outstanding contributions of student clubs or organizations to the PLU and Parkland communities. Please help us celebrate a wonderful year by nominating the outstanding programs, officers, advisors, and organizations from the 2014-2015 academic year. These awards will be presented during the Celebration of Leadership on Monday, May 11, 2015.

Nomination form for Program of the Year Awards is now OPEN!

Student Organization of the Year

This award recognizes an organization that has advanced the mission of PLU by fostering growth in thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care.  Through their programs and services, the recipient of this award has promoted campus spirit and pride.  Their contributions have enhanced the student experience not only of their members but of the student body at large.  This organization has exemplified the PLU ideals as outlined in the mission statement while providing opportunities for others to become involved and grow as leaders.

Nomination form for Organization of the Year will open in Spring. 

Program of the Year

Now Accepting Nominations!
Social Program of the Year

This award recognizes a program that has contributed to the sense of community on campus by encouraging students to come together and meaningfully engage with one another and/or the Parkland community

Educational Program of the Year

This award recognizes a program that has contributed to the broader mission of PLU and has provided substantial opportunities for learning in a meaningful and applicable way.

Social Justice Program of the Year

This award recognizes a social justice program that allowed a broad range of participants to experience and learn about diversity and social justice. The program will have a focus on developing understanding, tolerance, and acceptance.

Community Service Program of the Year

This award recognizes a program that has engaged students in service while encouraging students to selflessly serve beyond this one experience.

Individual Awards

Outstanding Officer of the Year

This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout their term of office and has enhanced participation and involvement within their organization, the campus, and the community as a whole.

Outstanding Advisor of the Year

This award recognizes an advisor who has excelled in providing support and assistance to a club/organization.  The recipient has devoted time and service that has played a key role in the organization’s success.

Quiet Influence Award

This award recognizes an individual who has contributed to his/her club and campus community in a meaningful yet behind-the-scenes way.

Nomination form for Individual awards will open in Spring. 

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