About Us

The fields of communication and theatre are rapidly evolving. A solid foundation of theory is crucial to adapt to constantly changing media. So is developing marketable skills and knowledge domains necessary to be an aspiring professional and practitioner. The Department of Communication & Theatre curriculum at PLU balances theory with practical application in all of its offerings.

Communication Program

A Midsummer's Night Dream

The Communication Program at PLU believes a solid foundation of communication theory is crucial to adapt to constantly changing media. The program focuses on developing marketable skills and knowledge domains; necessities of professional communicators.


The Theatre Program prides itself in its intimate and challenging curriculum. The program strives to train students in all aspects of theatre art – from acting and directing to technical theatre and design.
Communication is the process through which we create and share meaning with others – whether in the context of theatre, the messages crafted by journalists and public communicators, the negotiations of conflict mediators, or through the stories we encounter in popular film and television. Simply put, through communication we create and sustain community. And because communication is at the heart of all human endeavors, studying communication and theatre not only helps you prepare for a wide variety of careers, but for life.

Why Study Communication and Theatre at PLU?

The Communication and Theatre program mission is to create competent and caring communicators who are prepared for a changing job market and a changing world. We do more than train you to find your first job. We want to help you locate your strengths as a person and to develop the intellectual rigor and love of learning that will help you throughout your career. You will learn to blend theory with practice, put your skills to work in your community and apply basic communication skills in an ethical context. The program emphasizes four goals and abilities to help you better prepare for your life:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Interaction and Team Building
  • Oral and Written Expression
  • Valuing Multiple Perspectives

Careers for Comm and Theatre Majors

Communication and Theatre majors prepare for a wide range of careers. Just a few of these include: newspaper reporting and editing, working in corporate and nonprofit public relations departments, television and radio broadcasting and production, human resource development, professional acting and theatre production, music promotion and production and teaching.