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Ruth Anderson Public Debate Series

The next Ruth Anderson Public Debate will be in October 2014.

Resolved: Do Not Eat Anything with a Face

What goes into the production of a quarter pound burger? According to J.L. Capper in The Journal of Animal Science, 6.7 pounds of feed, 52.8 gallons of drinking water, 74.5 square feet of grazing, and the equivalent amount of energy it takes to run a microwave for 18 minutes. Did you know the average American eats approximately 271 pounds of meat a year—or three, quarter burgers pounders a day? Meat is a tasty part of culture, its a part of our special holidays and our daily meals. But, is the product worth the cost? This years Ruth Anderson Public Debate asks, is it right to eat animals?  To answer this question we will feature four supremely qualified debaters to offer their perspective on the ethical, environmental, and health concerns surrounding meat.  

About the series:

The T.O.H Karl Forensic Forum is committed to enhancing and invigorating community debate on matters of public concern. As part of that mission, the Ruth Anderson Public Debate series, brings experts to campus to discuss contemporary issues relevant to our community. If you are unable to make it to PLU, watch the event online. We will be streaming and live tweeting!

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