Communication and Theatre

Communication and Theatre Week 2013 

Celebrating Excellence in Learning and Scholarship 

We invite the PLU Community to join us for these events.  This week of programs provides  opportunities to learn about faculty and student work; to celebrate student excellence; and to network with and thank some of our internship and employment partners!  These events are open to everyone and we hope you will join us.

1:45 pm, Ingram 109. Client-centered Work. Amy Young and JP Avila’s classes will make a presentation regarding their work with a client, the PLU Conferences and Events office, in updating promotional materials and marketing strategies.  A great opportunity to observe how client-centered work happens in Communication and Art and Design classes. 

3:40 pm, Ingram 100. Tips, Tricks and Resources for your Career Journey. Hannah Hardy from the Career Connections office will describe the many ways that the Career Connections office, both in person and on-line, can help students prepare for the competitive internship and job markets. 

7:00 pm, Ingram 100. Keynote Event:  Dr. Amy Young:  Poets, Priests and Politicians: Rhetorical Style and Public Engagement. Dr. Young will discuss her forthcoming book which examines 5 case studies of contemporary public intellectuals, paying particular attention to their rhetorical style. Style has been sidelined and dismissed as fundamentally unserious, but my work demonstrates its utility--noticing how people dress, how they speak, how they carry themselves, and how they talk about their work are important markers of success or failure. Ultimately, style is about relevance. We need to start thinking about how, as intellectuals, we make our work relevant to a broader public. Style is a way to do this kind of work. 

4:00 pm, Ingram 109. Preparing for Communication and Theatre Careers. PLU faculty members will discuss the kinds of jobs open to graduates in Communication and Theatre and the necessary kinds of skills which students can be working on now to prepare for those careers. 

6:00 pm, Ingram 100. Communication and Theatre Awards Party.  This will be a celebration of outstanding student achievement. Awards and recognitions will be given for outstanding student achievement in classes and co-curricular activities.  Communication and Theatre scholarship award winners will be recognized. Everyone is invited to share in giving tribute to the hard work and skill of outstanding majors and non-majors who make PLU a showcase of talent in communication, media, dance, forensics and theatre.

11:15 am, Ingram 115B. Event Planning 101. Whether you are planning a business or social occasion, an opening or a celebration, event planning involves conducting research on the event attendees, finding a site for the event, creating an event design and materials, Event planning also involves arranging the décor, food, the program and entertainment. Event planning duties may also include supervising at the site and coordinating the event personnel. Join Amy Kostelecky-Roe, PLU’s Associate Director of Alumni and Constituent Relations and communication graduate, in discussion of the basics of event planning. Learn how to make any event a success.

3:40 pm, AUC Regency Room.  Networking Mixer. Co-sponsored by Career Connections.  Come meet and network with employers who are in the market for hiring interns. Learn about the possibilities as well as the kinds of skills which employers are looking for. A good internship is one of the building blocks of a successful job search. Everyone, including people who are looking forward to internships in the future, are welcome! Hors d’oeurves will be served. This event is now full. Email Amanda Feller ( to be added to the waiting list.

4:00 pm and 6:00 pm, East Campus Gym. Open Dance 2013 Rehearsals. Observe Rehearsals for the Annual Dance Concert, one of the most popular arts events on campus. Student Choreographer Miranda Winter and Director, Maureen McGill.

7:00 pm, Ingram 100.  Keynote Event:  Dr. Lori Lee WallaceThe Intercultural and Psychophysical Pedagogy of Phillip Zarrilli. Dr. Wallace will discuss her research on the acting teacher, Phillip Zarrilli who incorporates the Asian disciplines of kalarippayattu, hatha yoga, and t’ai chi ch’uan in his complex training methodology. Phillip Zarrilli is a prominent Welsh scholar of the martial arts, dance and acting whose work is receiving growing attention and acclaim.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the scholarly work of our new PLU Theatre faculty member who brings interests which  bridge a range of interests in voice, acting and intercultural influences on Theatre.  

8:00 am, East Campus Gym. Getting Comfortable in Your Body. Join us in this course - participation or observation! Join the fun! This week's focus is on energy fields and the body!! Breath work, stretch and lecture is emphasized.  

12:45 pm, AUC Regency Room. To Honor our Employer Partners. We will host a lunch honoring some of our partnering organizations who support our work by providing internships, support, and employment opportunities.  After lunch, there will be a short program at 12:45 to which all are invited, to share in our recognition of the value our partners provide to the PLU community.

3:40 pm, Ingram 109. The State of Student Media:  A Report from the Front-lines.  A presentation by students who attended the College Media Association Conference in New York City discussing what they learned from the presentations and conversations about issues and concerns in the wide world of student media. 

7:00 pm, Karen Hille Phillips Studio Theater. World Premiere:  Beyond Burkas and Bombers:  Anti-Muslim Sentiment in America.  Join us for the unveiling of the award-winning MediaLab’s latest documentary. Since the tragic events of September 11, anti-Muslim sentiment has become increasingly prevalent in America.  This phenomenon has led to a significant fear of a largely misunderstood world religion.  To counter these stereotypes, the MediaLab team has set out to empower this largely marginalized group by opening discussion.  During the event, follow us on Twitter with hashtag #beyondbombers, and lend your voice to the conversation. If you can’t join us in person, you can watch a streaming live at 

9:00pm. MBR AmphitheaterInternational Day of Reconciliation. This will be an interactive event where students will literally “shed light” to different peace building and conflict resolution efforts occurring worldwide. The amphitheater will be transformed into a globe and students will be encouraged to place a candle on a conflict or peace building effort that is currently taking place. Students will get the chance to informally discuss what reconciliation and peace really mean within our community and on an international scale alongside peers, faculty, and fellow community members. In this stressful and fast passed world, this event is a refreshing break to instill hope and peace about our ever-changing world.