Commuter & Transfer Student Connections

Pacific Lutheran University , University Communications , Tacoma, WA 98447 253-535-7180

Veterans Day Celebration

Location: MBR

Hi Frankie and Amanda Please walk over the people in the lounges to participate in the veterans day celebration. If there are no students who...

CCES Presentation

Location: Kreidler Lounge

CCES presentation by Rachel Haxtema will discuss what the role of CCES is, and what opportunities it offers, and how a person goes about...

Big D Staff Meeting

Location: AUC 133

Nursing Capstone Poster Presentations

Location: Anderson University Center: North Lobby,Anderson University Center: CK Hallway

Capstone Poster Presentations. NURS499 01 & 02. Faculty: Dana Zaichkin & Sara Swett

Lounges Closed

Lounges closed

lounges closed

Cookie Decorating

Habitat for Humanity Safety Orientation

Location: Anderson University Center: 133 (Union Pacific Room)

A safety orientation for anyone interested in building with Habitat for Humanity - Pierce County this year!

How ... Do I Figure Out My Vocation?

Location: Hong Hall Language Resource Center

Join us in Hong for an activities and discussion that will allow you to reflect upon which vocational path might be right for you! Timed post...