Commuter Students

Commuter Student Resources

Eating in the Commons is a big part of the PLU culture and a great way connect with the PLU community. We recommend that Commuter Students consider purchasing a meal plan, dining dollars, and/or LuteBuck$.

  • Dining Dollars can only be used to purchase food and they are tax free!  Dining dollars are available to use at all campus restaurant locations. Don’t worry about losing Dining Dollars during the academic year because they carry over from term to term and do not expire until the last day of the spring term. Visit the Dining Dollars page to learn more about them.
  • AYCTE Meals (All You Care To Eat Meals) occur Sun-Fri during Dinner, and Sun Brunch.  With Meal Plan E, you will have 50 one-time entrances per semester into The Commons during AYCTE meals. This is a great way to take advantage of the social aspect of dinner with the convenience of using your LuteCard.
  • Lute Buck$ are also accepted at all Dining services locations and roll over term to term while you are a PLU student.  LuteBuck$ can be added in person or over the phone at the Concierge.

The following meal plan packages are designed with a commuter student's needs and interests in mind.  For more information visit Dining and Culinary Services.

Kreidler, South Hall, and Off-Campus Meal Plans 13-14

Meal Plan AYCTE Meals Dining Dollars Included Cost Per Semester
Meal Plan E 50 $325 $975
Meal Plan F 0 $500 $500
  • Kreidler Lounge: # Day use lockers are available from 7:30am-10pm.
  • Anderson University Center: 30 Semester use lockers are available downstairs in the AUC next to Campus Ministry. Visit Student Involvement and Leadership for availability.
  • Library: The lockers are located on the third floor of the library near the University Archives. Contact the Library front desk for more information, (253) 535-7500 or
  • Reike Science Center: Lockers are available in Reike on a first come basis. Inquire with the Division of Natural Science in Suite 158 for availability.
On campus early or staying late to study?  Check out the general access and student access hours for all campus buildings here.