Concierge and Lutecard Services

Lutecard Services

Headquartered at the Concierge Desk, Lutecard Services is the place to go when you have questions or need assistance with your lutecard. Visit us in person or call 253-535-7411.

To request a statement, a lutecard for a departmental affiliate, a departmental badge, or an attendance report select the Lutecard Request Forms tab.

Click here to report your card lost.

What is a Lutecard?

Students, Faculty, and Staff at Pacific Lutheran University are provided an ID card known as a "Lutecard". Your Lutecard is your key to PLU's food systems, buildings, and activities. Its many uses include:

  • Lutebucks:  Lutebucks are like your own on-campus debit card. You only have to add a few dollars and you receive access to most on-campus vending machines, campus restaurants, the bookstore, laundry machines, copying and a wide variety of other places- just like a debit card but without the fees!
  • Meal Plans:  All students living on-campus are required to have a meal plan, excluding South Hall residents. When you register for your meal plan, money is automatically loaded onto your Lutecard in the form of dining dollars.  You can access your meal plan with your lutecard at any of our on-campus restaurants and commons.  You can always add dining dollars by visiting or calling the concierge desk.
  • Building Access:  Your Lutecard works as a keycard.  The Building Access Office will load your card with custom access levels based on campus living, work, classes, and recreation spaces.  
  • On-Campus Events:  Most of PLU's on-campus events requires showing your LuteCard at the door. PLU students often get discounts on tickets to music concerts, and various other on-campus events, but only if they have their LuteCard with them!
  • Sports Facilities:  Your Lutecard will allow you to access PLU's sports facilities, such as Names Fitness Center and the pool, free of charge!

Lose it? Damage it? Not working? Contact Concierge Services 253-535-7411

Cardholder Responsibilities: Lutecards are the property of Pacific Lutheran University and it is your responsibility to ensure that the lutecard is properly taken care of and is in good and working condition at all times. You may not alter or deface your lutecard in any manner; this includes punching holes or attaching stickers to the lutecard.

Lutecards and the privileges they support, including meal plans, declining balances, and building access, are not transferable. Under no circumstances are you to provide your lutecard to another individual for any purpose.

If your card is lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to report it immediately to the Campus Concierge at 253-535-7411 or Campus Safety at 253-535-7441.

PLU is not liable for damages or losses due to unreported lost or stolen lutecards. Lost cards may result in a security risk. Not reporting a lost card immediately may result in the student being referred to the Student conduct System and /or employee being referred to Human Resources.

Invalid cards: When a card is replaced the missing card is reported lost. Attempting to use the card previously reported lost will result in confiscation of the card. Cards are also reported lost when students graduate or withdraw from the university. This prevents the cards from being used as if they were valid.

Using someone else's card: If someone attempts to use another person’s card, the card will be confiscated and coded as lost.  The card holder will need to purchase a new card. Using another person’s card is considered misuse of university property and may result in disciplinary action. Further explanation can be found in the Student Handbook.

Damaged Cards: A card may be confiscated if the information (including the picture) is no longer recognizable, or if the card has been damaged, making it difficult to use.  The need to confiscate a card is left to the discretion of cashiers. There is a fee to replace a damaged card as well as a fee to replace a lost card.

  • Lutebucks are refundable but not transferable to another person’s card
  • Cash withdrawals are not authorized
  • Deposits are usually available immediately. Lutebucks  purchased with foreign and/or out-of-state checks may be held until the check clears the bank
  • The card holder may request a statement of transactions online at request a statement.
  • Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the refund policy of each establishment. Cash refunds will not be given for returned merchandise. A credit will be made to the card holder's account within one working day after receiving an approved request.
  • All transactions debited through the use of a LuteCard are final at the point and time of sale. The card holder is responsible for verifying the amount of each card transaction. It is the card holder's responsibility to keep receipts of their purchases as verification for spending.
  • Returned checks are subject to all check collection procedures of the University
  • The card holder is responsible for immediately reporting a lost or stolen LuteCard. Pacific Lutheran University is not liable for damages due to lost or stolen cards.
  • Cards can be reported lost online or by calling the Concierge at 253-535-7411 or Campus Safety at 253-535-7441
  • The terms of this agreement begin when the card holder purchases Lutebucks. This agreement expires only upon graduation, formal withdrawal from the university or termination of employment from PLU. Any balance remaining on account at the expiration of this agreement will be refunded with a written request at the Concierge Services. Evidence of graduation, formal withdrawal from the university, or termination of employment must be submitted at the time of the refund request. Refund checks will be mailed within 30 days after receiving such request, and will be sent to the address provided at the time the refund is requested.
  • The LuteCard and all associated forms, records and transcripts are the property of Pacific Lutheran University. Use of the card may be revoked at any time.
  • The card holder agrees to abide by all rules, regulations, policies and procedures specified by Pacific Lutheran University. Violations of such rules, regulations, policies and/or procedures may result in cancellation of a card holder's account and/or referral to the PLU Conduct System.
  • Future changes in the terms and conditions regulating use of this card will apply to all cards in circulation and use at that time, they will supersede all previous terms and conditions.

Select a form

Lutecard Statement Find out your Lutebucks and Dining Dollars balance and spending history.

PLU ID Request Request a Lutecard for a PLU affiliate.

PLU Badge Request Request a departmental badge or badges for a whole class (nursing)

Attendance Report Request stats for the event that you held and had people swipe into using an attendance reader.