We acknowledge all congregations within Region 1 of the ELCA as the University’s partner, committed to a high level of support and partnership with PLU. Some of the ways congregations can grow their partnership with PLU are:

  • If you haven’t already, identify an individual in your congregation who will serve as a PLU Contact. A PLU Contact is someone who will serve as the link between the university and his/her own congregation regarding awareness of specific PLU activities.  See the PLU Contact page for more information.
  • Support the University through financial contributions to the Annual Fund in support of scholarships for deserving students with financial need, priorities and programs that enrich the education experience, Lute Club Athletics, including specific sports, and academic divisions and programs.
  • Attend PLU activities.  The university has so much to offer through lectures, conferences, theater productions, musical performances, and athletic events.
  • Utilize PLU faculty in your adult education programming.
  • Be a frequent visitor to PLU’s website. For example, find out what is happening with Lutheran Studies at PLU by visiting www.plu.edu/lutheran-studies
  • Hold a PLU Sunday each year.  See the PLU Sunday page for more information.
  • Provide annually to the Office of Admission, the confirmation scholarship forms for the students in your congregation’s confirmation class.  Since the Partner Congregation Program began, PLU has awarded nearly one million dollars in confirmation scholarships, and we are please to announce the $1,500 Lutheran confirmation scholarship will remain in effect. Any confirmed Lutheran student from a congregation that annually provides a list of confirmed and contact information to the Office of Admission is eligible to receive this renewable annual scholarship up to four years.  The confirmation scholarship form must be submitted before the student graduates from high school.  The form can be found in the Documents and Forms tab to the left.