Representative Job Description

  1. Attend the Annual Meeting of the Members of the Corporation held every September on the PLU campus.
  2. Represent the church to PLU and PLU to the church, serving as an advocate for the university at the cluster/conference and synod level.
  3. Serve as an ambassador for PLU by telling the PLU story to area ELCA congregations (e.g. PLU Sunday).
  4. Assist in the recruitment of students from our Lutheran congregations, use the Lute Recruit form to let us know about students.
  5. Help educate congregations about financial support available to upcoming confirmands who attend PLU.
  6. Help promote PLU events in your local area, and when possible provide assistance.
  7. Be a “sounding board” for PLU to share ideas and concerns with the PLU Office of Congregation Relations regarding how PLU can maintain a strong relationship with and be of service to the Lutheran congregations in the Pacific Northwest.
  8. Offer prayer and financial support for the university.

Qualifications for service as a Representative

  1. A deep concern for spiritual and educational values.
  2. A concern for the well-being of the entire institution.
  3. An understanding of, and commitment to, the preservation of an independent, church related university.
  4. A willingness and ability to speak or communicate in a positive way on behalf of the university.
  5. A willingness and ability to attend the annual corporation meeting.

You Can Help Recruit Partner Congregations
PLU has launched a Partner Congregation Program that we believe every congregation in Region 1 will want to participate in.  One of the many benefits includes a special $1,500 confirmation scholarship that will normally be awarded to confirmands at the time of their Affirmation of Baptism Service.  However, we are making it retroactive to include any students who are confirmed members of your congregation.

Help us spread the word by contacting your pastor and/or congregations in your cluster with this information.

Please note that any youth interested in the confirmation scholarship must apply by graduation of their senior year in High School.