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Summer Conference on Pastoral Theology

June 16-18, 2014

God's Life within our wounded cosmos: Christian theology and earth's future

Slowly but surely, the churches are discovering the critical meaning of the psalmist’s confession: The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it (24:1).

What light is shed on this ancient claim by the new scientific creation story, theologies of becoming, conversations with atheists, feminist theology, and a sacramental vision of life shared with earth and all its creatures?

And this, too: how might the embrace of God’s life within our wounded earth shape preaching, the liturgy, and Christian hope  as an act of resistance to the forces that harm God’s earth and all its creatures?

Benjamin Stewart is the Dean of the Chapel and Gordon A. Braatz Assistant Professor of Worship at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. He is the author of A Watered Garden: Christian Worship and Earth’s Ecology.

Marit Trelstad is Chair of the Religion Department at Pacific Lutheran University and Associate Professor of Constructive and Lutheran Theology. She is the editor of and a contributor to Cross Examinations: Readings on the Meaning of the Cross Today.

Samuel Torvend is University Chair in Lutheran Studies and Professor of the History of Christianity at Pacific Lutheran University. He is the author of a forthcoming collection of essays entitled Before the Burning Bush: The Ecological Promise of Christian Liturgy

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