Office ofCongregation Relations

Diane Krauszer

Corporation Member Representative

Location: Wasilla, AK
Representative Since: 2011

Diane attended Hope College and New Brunswick Theological Seminary, both Reformed Church in America Schools. Then she worked with her husband for fifteen years at the Kodiak Baptist Mission. Next they managed a non-profit business and all its outreach programs. Now she is pastor at Trinity Lutheran in Palmer.

In her spare time Diane enjoys gardening, reading, singing in several choirs, baking, hiking, and watching SciFi with her husband.

Dian volunteers because she believes PLU is a good school that offers many opportunities to young adults and because of its commitment to connecting faith, action, and education.

Favorite place on Earth: Polychrome Pass in Denali National Park

Favorite thing about PLU: The green, growing campus, small class sizes, and study abroad opportunities.