Office ofCongregation Relations

Gail Hart

Corporation Member Representative

Location: Nez Perce, ID
Representative Since: 2011

Gail Hart received a music degree and taught piano.  She became a farm partner in 1978 until the present.  Gail received a Master of Education and taught families who had a child with a disability and students wanting a GED.  She was ordained in 2004 through the PLTS Teem program and served at Faith Lutheran Church in Pierce, ID for 7 years. Currently, Gail is a supply pastor and assists Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Grangeville, ID.

In her spare time, Gale enjoys trips to Montana and soaking in hot springs.  She also loves hiking and visiting historical locations. Her most recent hobby is painting.

Inspiration to volunteer time, talent, and resources with PLU:  Gail is grateful for the excellent education her oldest daughter received at PLU.

Favorite place on earth: Watching the sunset in the front yard of her farmhouse in Idaho.

Something that stands out about PLU: Her daughter’s graduation in 1999 in the summer with the outdoor reception. Gail says it was a joyful event.  Gail also says that Dr. Anderson’s speech at her daughter’s orientation in 1995 helped her as a tearful parent leaving her daughter.