Office ofCongregation Relations

Sue Seggerman

Corporation Member Representative

Location: Sterling, AK
Representative Since: 2011

Sue Seggerman completed her BA degree in Criminal Justice at Michigan State University in 1978.  After moving to Alaska that same year and working for the State legislature, she started her career in Corrections in 1980.  In 2004 she retired from the State of Alaska Dept. of Corrections with 25 years as an adult probation officer.  She worked in Juneau, Ketehikan, Jitka and Kenai.  For the past four and a half years she has worked as a pharmacy technician at a family-run, independent pharmacy.

She is an avid runner, hiker, biker, and skier.  She is also active on two non-profit boards—Kenai Peninsula Youth Court and The Lee Shore Center (women’s crisis center).  She loves to read and work crossword puzzles.

“I just love PLU!  After attending a very large state university, I feel so blessed that both my daughters have had the opportunity to attend PLU.  I love the caring atmosphere, the focus on service, and the quality of the education my kinds are receiving.”

Favorite Place on Earth: Being atop Lost Lake Trail on a sunny Alaskan summer day—the beauty of God’s country leaves her in awe and always brings a smile to her face!

Favorite Thing about PLU: The focus on service to others and development of the global perspective.  She has watched both her daughters grow into caring, giving young women since attending PLU.