Construction Management

Small Project Approval Process

Each fiscal year, the Board of Regents of Pacific Lutheran University approves projects to be funded under the Capital Project fund code.  Projects not approved for Capital Project funds are otherwise funded directly by one or more Departments. The Construction Management office provides the Small Projects Approval Form to coordinate these projects.

To start the process, department stakeholders must designate a primary contact to serve as the Project Requester.  The instructions below are intended to aid the Project Requester through the process.

Steps in the process:

  1. Contact Construction Management by phone or email to schedule a meeting to discuss your project request.
  2. Download the “Small Projects Approval Form” found under the Documents and Forms section of our Construction Management website at
  3. Complete Section A and forward the form to Construction Management at or inter-office mail.
  4. Section B is completed by Construction Management; we shall provide cost information, clarify any questions regarding requested work and verify the FOAP code with the Requester.
  5. Complete Section C by printing a hardcopy for collecting signatures from your department in the order listed (Chair, Dean, Provost or Vice President).  Route the form to the Construction Management office via inter-office mail.  The Director of Construction Management shall sign and route the form to the Vice President of Finance and Operations for final signature.
  6. The Vice President of Finance and Operations returns the signed form to the Construction Management office signifying ‘notice to proceed’ and work is scheduled soon after.

Construction Management manages all project billing and invoice processing to the Business Office. At project completion our office shall forward a PDF copy of invoices to the Requester's Department Chair for their budget records.