Construction Management

Project Overview

As part of the PLU Campus Master Plan, the concept for a new campus entrance in front of Harstad Hall was developed.  Planning is moving ahead to actually complete this project, possibly as early as next summer. The original concept has stood the test of time, and construction drawings are in preparation.  After they are complete, the administration will begin to work on pricing and permitting.

Entrance RenderThe campus core landscape has been studied, and conceptual drawings for hardscape and planting improvements can be seen here in artist renderings from Mithun. The design preserves the historic footprint of exterior spaces while improving aesthetics, circulation and functionality. Fixed and moveable seating is added throughout the site.  Also included is a tree replacement and enhancement plan. Informal gathering and performing areas are improved in front of the Karen Hille Phillips Center for the Performing Arts as well as around the entrance to the University Center.  This overall concept may be phased in over a number of years as funding becomes available.

Entrance Render