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Maureen Murray

Maureen Murray


253-535-7206 (office)



Master of Arts in Canadian Plains Studies, University of Regina, 2003

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Regina, 1997


Maureen is a graduate student in the master in Counseling Psychology program at Saint Martin's University. Maureen believes in the potential of each individual and in the possibility of growth and change. She is guided by clients' needs and endeavors to create a safe environment that offers acceptance and a relationship based on collaboration. She combines creativity and practicality with an integrative approach that emphasizes strengths and generates potential ways to solve problems. Treatment modalities include cognitive behavioral (how our throughts and behaviros affect our lives), client-centered (how each of us strive to rise to our potential) and psychodynamic (how our past may influence our present). Prior to immigrating to the USA two years ago, Maureen worked in Canada as a Registered Psychologist (Master's level), journalist and business communicator. Maureen has a special interest in identity and diversity. Maureen's volunteer experience includes Planned Parenthood, a peer-support program and a 24-hour sexual assault line.