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These exercises coincide well with the Springboard workshops. They are designed to help you relate to internal experiences in a more open and flexible manner. As with any skill, this can be strengthened with ongoing practice. These exercises are from the website. Each exercise link is embedded into the name of the exercise.

Springboard 101

Breathing Meditation (5 minutes)

Breathing Meditation (10 minutes)

The Mindful Breathing exercise is similar to the 3 minute breathing space from Springboard 101. These exercises are intended to help you become more grounded in your present moment experience with less struggle. 

Acceptance of Thoughts and Feelings

Acceptance of Anxiety

These exercises are designed for anxiety and help you become more aware of thoughts, feelings, and emotions from a stance of acceptance and willingness. The Acceptance of Anxiety exercise is somewhat more challenging. 

Body Scan

The Body Scan exercise is another method of becoming more grounded in the present. It can be done lying or sitting down. It gradually draws your attention from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head. 

Springboard 102

Leaves on a Stream

The Leaves on a Stream exercise helps you practice letting thoughts drift by.

Physicalizing Exericse

The Physicalizing Exercise helps you transform your unwanted experience into an object. It is intended to help become more aware of immediate reactions and drop the internal struggle. 

Springboard 103 

Value-Sort Activity

These are not links for audio files. Instead they are card sorting activities to help you get in touch with your values.