Department ofComputer Science & Computer Engineering

PLU CSCE Students Compete in
ACM International Collegiate
Programming Contest

Ken Blaha (CSCE) prepared a group of nine computer science and computer engineering students this fall semester to participate in the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) International Collegiate Programming Contest at the University of Portland held on November 3, 2012.

Students from Alaska, Hawaii, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, northern/central California and western Nevada competed; however, universities from Oregon and Washington competed at the University of Portland location.  The PLU students were divided into three teams of three students each.  The PLU students had improved over the previous year, and overall, placed in the top half of the competitors to earn an Honorable Mention Certificate of Achievement from this competition. 

The students needed to solve at least three problems within a specified time period.  The top PLU team was very close to solving four problems; if they had solved all four, they would have placed first at the University of Portland site.  The PLU students on these teams were mainly sophomores (and one senior); they had not taken many, if any, upper-division courses. 

These sophomores are very excited about competing at next year’s ACM programming competition.  They’ll have more knowledge behind them, and according to the students, they aim to place first next year!  Ken Blaha is very proud of the nine PLU students who participated. 

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