Department ofComputer Science & Computer Engineering

Internship at Intel

If you are interested in a great internship opportunity at Intel, please contact Preston Glenn, a current PLU CSCE student.  This internship would be at 2800 Center Dr., Dupont, WA 98327-9728, which is about 20 minutes south of the PLU campus.  The main focus of this internship is the following:

  • Linux Administration
  • HPC computing
  • Some bash/python scripting
  • Hardware installation and maintenance.

Juniors and seniors in computer science and/or computer engineering are preferred.  According to Preston, an Intel internship pays very well and has been an invaluable experience for him.  He would like interested students to e-mail their resumes directly to him, or set up a mutually convenient time to meet with him to answer any questions.  Please contact Preston at  The internship would most likely be starting this January.