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Internships at Daktronics

Applications open only until positions are filled

Applications are open for the next round of Daktronics internships. A current PLU applied physics and computer engineering student, Hans S., has really enjoyed his experience so far and is "learning a ton."  According to Hans, Daktronics has been a great place to be an intern and he thinks it would be a good place to try for any PLU students who are looking for an internship and are willing to try living in the Midwest. They have internships in a variety of areas including:

  • Engineering
  • Sales
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Graphics
  • Human Resources

In Hans' words, "The experience working with a professional software development team has been an experience that will complement my class work and make me as prepared as possible to go out and get a great job when I graduate. I have made friends with interns in all of the areas listed above and they will all agree with me that the Daktronics Internship has been very beneficial. The seven-month internship is a big plus. I have started to learn faster and faster and am starting to accomplish more and more in the second half of my internship; this is valuable experience that would be missed in a three-month summer internship. I believe that it is well worth it to take a semester off and participate in an internship."

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Some information about Daktronics internships

Search for available internships

Applications are taken only until positions are filled.  Since the next round of internships starts in January and runs through August, it is advisable to submit your application very soon.  Daktronics internships also are available for the duration of June through December..