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Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Sustainability Planning

Brent C. Chamberlain

University of British Columbia

 Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3:45 – 4:45

Morken Center, Room #103


In planning for a future that balances human and environment, we must not only understand the relationship between the two, but we must use creativity and vision to maintain a long-term sustainable equilibrium. As our values evolve and the world changes, we sometimes face problems of increasing complexity where status quo solutions are no longer acceptable or applicable. Decision support systems (DSS) provide a method to investigate new ideas amidst an uncertain future, and to help us more fully understand potential effects and explore alternative solutions. In this talk, I will present the field of Computational Sustainability and introduce a DSS prototype intended to help communities evaluate and design sustainable waste water systems. I will also demonstrate research in forestry and conservation where computational methods have been vital to improving spatial planning. The talk is meant to explore a new area of interdisciplinary research and show how computational models can be used to help make our world a little more sustainable.