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PLU 3rd Annual High School Programming Contest

February 2013 Contest Results


The Third Annual Pacific Lutheran University High School Programming Contest was held Saturday, February 2nd at the Morken Center for Learning and Technology.

Twenty-four teams registered for the contest with 58 students from 12 schools competing for awards and prizes.  Students worked for three hours to write programs to solve as many problems as they could from a set of 11 problems written for each category (Advanced and Novice).  Teams are ranked by the number of problems solved. Teams that solve the same number of problems are ranked by the total time needed to solve the problems. More information about the contest (e.g., scoreboard, pictures, and problems) can be found at Additionally, PLU's newspaper, The Mooring Mast, also has a related article in the February 5, 2013 edition.

Congratulations to the following teams:

Advanced Category:

1st Place - Roosevelt High School –  Cillian M., Olivia I., and Emma L.

            (8 problems in 933 minutes)

2nd Place  -  Lakeside High School – Nikhil B. and Gero B.

            (5 problems in 301 minutes)

3rd Place – Engelberg Homeschool – Frances D.

(5 problems in 577 minutes)

Novice Category:

1st Place – Olympia High School – David G. and Brennan S.

            (11 problems in 761 minutes)

2nd Place – Roosevelt High School – Luke S., Nate S., and Kilian F.

(11 problems in 775 minutes)

3rd Place – Cleveland High School – Kiet S., Tyvon, T., Johnny N.

            (10 problems in 521 minutes)

All the winning teams received engraved medals and the top team in the advanced category won a perpetual trophy that is engraved with their names and the name of their high school. The winning team will retain the trophy until September to be displayed at their high school.

The top represented schools were Cleveland (5 teams), Auburn Riverside (4), and Holy Names Academy (3)

Special thanks to team coaches for their help and support:

  • Ashley Meyers from Roosevelt High School
  • Susan Evans from Cleveland High School
  • Sam Procopio from Holy Names Academy
  • Kathy Wright from STEM School in Lake Washington
  • Robyn Saarenas from Auburn Riverside High School
  • Shannon Thissen from Bonney Lake High School
  • Mark Engelberg from Engleberg Homeschool
  • Earl Bergquist from Garfield High School
  • Lauren Bricker from Lakeside High School
  • Jan Stuckey from Olympia High School

We also want to thank PLU student volunteer Jessica, Samantha, and Ashley.

The PLU High School Programming Contest is the first Saturday in February at the Morken Center for Learning and Technology. The contest sponsors include the PLU Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering (CSCE), Microsoft Corporation, McNeel and Associates, PLU Garfield Book Company, and Intel Corporation

For further information, visit the departmental website, or contact Dr. Kenneth Blaha by email or by phone (253) 535-8702.