Department ofComputer Science & Computer Engineering

Database Developer Intern
Sumner Community Food Bank

The food bank tracks all of their inventory, i.e. food items, by weight, specifically pounds. Food items are weighed as they are received at the warehouse, boxed by like items (e.g. canned soup), dated, labeled and put into inventory on shelves.
We use the FIFO system to take boxes of food items out of inventory for distribution to clients.
All of our inventory tracking is done by food item type (e.g. canned soup) and pounds.
We are seeking someone who can create a database or software system for us that will:
- track food items by categories (canned, dry, etc.) and item type (soup, etc.)
- track food items by weight/pounds. We have a scale that can be attached to our PC and we would like to be able to weigh the box of food and have the weight sent to the PC application without manual entry
- the box of food would be checked into inventory under the appropriate category and item type along with the weight and current date
- print a label with a serialized bar code number, current date, item type to be placed on a box to go into inventory
- when a box is removed from inventory we want to scan the serialized bar code number and have the application remove the item from inventory
- as we are run by volunteers we have quite a high turnover so it is very important that the application is easy to use, requires very little manual entry which will help keep the data accurate
- we also want to be able to produce reports for various date ranges, by category, by item type, and report total pounds by item type
- flexibility of reporting functions would be nice
- a few additional functions will be discussed

Developer skills needed to create an Inventory Tracking System:
- preferably experience with ACCESS and/or C# (C sharp)
- experience with inventory systems would be beneficial but not required
- ability to create an application as described above including data input, reporting, printing labels and bar codes, scanner input, and user friendly
- available ASAP
- we have a small budget and would like the developer to provide a quote after we discuss our needs with them
- it is important that the system is coded following standards and flexible enough to be modified by a different developer in the future, if necessary
- this application would be fully owned by the Sumner Community Food Bank.
Please prepare a resume and contact Delwynn Gates at or at 253-973-3326. Be prepared to talk about database projects you have done.

Compensation:  Project:  $500 or more depending on performance.

Refer to Internship Job Number 3070 on the PLU Opportunities Board for more information.