Diversity Past, Present and Future

Our  diverse range of students and employees have been successful in promoting awareness of strength in diversity. Specifically, the Diversity Committee for Cultural Educational Programming, the Women’s Center, Resident Hall Association, Diversity Center and ASPLU have presented a series of well-received events. For upcoming Diversity events on campus, check out the University Calendar!


September 20 – The Wrong Side of Murder Creek: Dr. Bob Zellner

September 23-24 – 8th Annual Students of Color Retreat

September 26 – Sex+ Presents Oh God! Oh God! Sex and Religion

September 28 – Teatro Milagro

September 30-October 1 – Queer Student Retreat

October 14 – VIP: Voice, Inclusion, Passion Homecoming Celebration and Multicultural Night

October 15 – dCenter Open House and Past, Present, and Future Panel

October 19 – Love Your Body Day

October 25 – Sex+ Presents: The Promise and Peril of Hook Up Culture with Dr. Lisa Wade

October 29 – Bro Code: The Value of Being a Man at PLU

November 8 – Got (Gender) Privilege?

November 18 – Global Get Down

February 9-11 – Vagina Monologues

February 10 – South Puget Sound Higher Education Diversity Partnership Institute

March 16 – Tunnel of Oppression

March 25-March 30 – Civil Rights Tour Alternative Spring Break

April 16-20 – Pride Week

April 16-20 – Earth Week

May 7 – Spirit of Diversity Awards