2010-11 University Diversity Committee Representatives


Laura Majovski, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

Teri Phillips, Director of Human Resource Services

Melannie Cunningham, Associate Director, Admission
Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment
Advisory Member

Angie Hambrick, Director of Multicultural Affairs

Jan Lewis, Associate Provost for Curriculum
Provost Office and Dean’s Council Representative

Adele Ramos, Assistant Professor, English
Elected by the Faculty

Christine Moon, Professor, Psychology
Committee on Admission & Retention of Students (serving on ARTS through 2013)

Ksenija Simic-Muller, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Campus Life Committee Representative

Gabriel Farias, RHA Social Justice Director
Student Representative

Karl Stumo, Vice President for Admission and Enrollment Services

Elizabeth Ginsberg, ASPLU Diversity Director
Student Representative
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