University Diversity Committee

The purpose of the University Diversity Committee is to monitor and enhance the overall progress of the university in carrying out its PLU 2010 commitment to develop a more diverse community of students and employees, including enhancement of the diversity of students and personnel as well as continued development of an inclusive, affirming, and non-discriminatory environment.

The UDC continues to serve as the central body that reviews and assists in the development of diversity initiatives.

The committee works with vice presidents in the various areas in order to promote diversity throughout the university.

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If you would like to leave a comment or suggestion to the University Diversity Committee, please do so at diverse@plu.edu!
Recent institutional accomplishments in developing a more diverse range of students and employees include a review of the recruiting of students of color initiative, a redesign of the student involvement and leadership staff position for diverse populations, and work with Human Resources and the Provost’s Office in the hiring of faculty and staff.

The UDC Focus:

1. To assist in the implementation of, policies and programs that demonstrate the university's commitment to making the campus community one that is welcoming and respectful to all of its members, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or other identity differences unrelated to one's ability to contribute to the university's mission.

2. To assess admissions, hiring, and retention policies and practices, with attention to significant discrepancies between the university community's demographic representation of racial, ethnic, and gender groups and the demographic representation of such groups in the larger population and other relevant reference populations; and to pay attention in admission, hiring, and the conditions of employment to adequate recognition and appreciation of community members' diverse abilities and qualifications.

3. To recommend necessary and appropriate policy changes to the administration and the faculty.

4. The elected faculty member shall also serve on the University Review Board.

5. To provide the opportunity at least once a year for response to the committee's work by the larger campus community.  Among those invited to such open meetings shall be representatives from: the Academic Assistance Center; Academic Deans’ Council; Administrative/Staff Council; Advising Office; ASPLU Diversity Committee; Campus Ministry Office; Counseling Center; Educational Policies Committee; Faculty Affairs Committee; Harmony; MESA; Residential Life Office; Student Involvement and Leadership Office; Women's Center Advisory Committee, Women's and Gender Studies Program Committee, University Dispute Resolution Committee; University Review Board; and student clubs organized around issues of diversity.

6. To report to the administration and the faculty annually with respect to the above responsibilities.

UDC Initiatives

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