School of Rock homepage

Here's an example of a published homepage of what your website could look like.
Well, there may be less KISS, but you get the idea.

Welcome to Cascade - The web publishing system for PLU

Cascade is a web publishing system. It allows the user (you) to easily organize content - such as images, words and videos - into a pre-existing template to be published on the web, as a website.

Put simply, it's a toolbox that allows you to display a website without having to know or type-in a bunch of code. And you're able to build engaging components to display the content you desire. The tools we provide are called widgets. Each widget provides a way to display different types of content on your website. You can also think of widgets as the frame work for displaying content.

If you've built or even browsed around, you've experienced a Cascade website.

The back-end of Cascade, where content is stored, connected and arranged is organized in a folder hierarchy. You can follow this hierarchy from the live website by going to the URL. The base is always

If you were to add /news, the site would go to If you were to add /archives, you would go to
School of Rock back end
This is the back-end of the website above.

The way the URL displays is the same way your website is organized within the Cascade publishing system. Start from the base and dive deeper.

Cascade is the digital equivalent of playing with Legos. Once you have the content you want, all you are doing in Cascade is playing with Legos to get everything stacked in the way you want it to display. And like Legos, you have to play within the rules of what connects, but also like Legos you can make some pretty amazing stuff.

This website is meant to help you become more familiar with the next rendition of Cascade. It's a valuable resource with how to's, definitions and explanations, video tutorials and examples.

Get Help in Open Lab

To learn more go to a Cascade Open Lab. The labs will help you with the management of your website. The lab's will now take place from 9 to 10 a.m., Tuesday-Thursday at the Tel-a-lute offices on the bottom level of the Alumni House.

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