Aggregators are used to to list out different types of data from a site (or multiple sites) in an automated fashion.

Aggregators can pull in different types of data – such as pages, videos, and photo albums – and have different views for displaying the aggregated content. They can also be filtered by keywords.

By default, all new aggregators will be wired up to pull data from The different types of aggregators are as follows:

  • Audio
  • List
  • Photos
  • Teasers
  • Videos

Videos (To change video quality, click the "gear" icon in the player controls.)



To create a new Aggregators widget you must first select the parent folder (We recommend adding it to aggregators in the widgets folder). Then head to the "New" dropdown menu in the upper left and select Widgets>>Aggregators. This will create a new Aggregators widget in the selected parent folder. Select your new Aggregators widget page and select "edit", you may now configure your new widget.

See the Form Fields section to see what each field corresponds to.

  1. The target assets to be aggregated by the widget must have the Start Date field filled in the Inline Metadata
Last Modified: November 19, 2012 at 04:10 PM