The Chart widget allows you to display formatted chart data pulled from a CSV (Converting Spreadsheet Data) file (like Excel).

This target file may be uploaded to Cascade or linked to using an external URL. Once you have chosen a CSV file then you may set the Title of the chart when it is displayed as well as the chart type: Bar Graph, Line Graph, and Pie Chart. You may also choose to display a chart legend as well.

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To create a new Charts widget you must first select the parent folder (We recommend adding it to charts in the widgets folder). Then head to the "New" dropdown menu in the upper left and select Widgets>>Charts. This will create a new Charts widget in the selected parent folder. Select your new Charts widget page and select "edit", you may now configure your new widget.

See the Form Fields section to see what each field for the General section. To upload a .csv file click the "New" dropdown menu from the top left and select Files>>CSV. Note: A pie chart will only work with one set of data points, while bar and line will work with multiple sets.

Form Fields


  • Specify text to display for the widget title

CSV File:

  • Specify a .csv document file uploaded to Cascade

External CSV File URL:

  • Specify an external URL for a .csv document file

Chart Type:

  • Specify the chart type to display for the data
    • Bar Graph
    • Line Graph
    • Pie Chart

Show Legend:

  • Toggle visibility of the chart legend


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