List Items


Lists allow you to display text list-items, which can link to web pages or other Cascade Pages when clicked. The list items will be formatted in a descending vertical pane in the order which they are entered in the Cascade form. There is no limit to the amount of list-items you may have in a list.

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To create a new List Item widget you must first select the parent folder (We recommend adding it to list-items the widgets folder). Then head to the "New" dropdown menu in the upper left and select Widgets>>List Item. This will create a new Image Rotator widget in the selected parent folder. Select your new List Item widget page and select "edit", you may now configure your new widget.

See the Form Fields section to see what each field corresponds to. You can set a title for the list in the Title section. For each List Item you may have display text and a linked Cascade or external page. You may add additional List Items by clicking the "+" button in the top left of the List Item>>Item box.

Form Fields

Display Text:  

  • Specify text to be displayed for the list

Item (Multiple)

  • Display Text:  
    • Specify text to display for the list item
  • Cascade Page: 
    • Specify a Cascade page to link to when the display text is clicked
  • Alternate URL: 
    • Specify an alternate URL to link to when the display text is clicked
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