The Navigation widget is a special widget. It is similar to the Contacts widget in that the main Navigation widget needs to read from a xml feed file to properly format output. While there is little configuration to set up the navigation widget, it is important to remember that anytime you make a change to items which will appear in the navigation that you re-publish the data file for the Navigation widget.


To update the Navigation widget you must first select the "data" folder on the root of your site in the file browser on the left pane of the Cascade interface. Once your have made changes to your site content you may publish out the "data" folder and it's home page to update what is displayed in the Navigation widget.

Form Fields

Section (Multiple)
  • Title:
    • Type/paste from a document the display text for the accordion fold
  • Content:
    • Type/paste from a document the content for the accordion fold
  • Widget:
    • Select a widget to include within the accordion fold
  • Open by default:  
    • Select if you wish this fold to be open when the widget is loaded on a page

Color Codes

  • Background - #C93
  • Text - black
  • Divider/Selected Text Color - white
    Last Modified: November 19, 2012 at 03:49 PM