The Tabs widget allows you to dynamically hide and show information on a web page similar to the Accordions widget. Instead of folds, the Tabs widget includes “tabs” which can be selected to show content such as text or other widgets.

The tabs are arranged horizontally in the same order as they appear in Cascade. You can select a certain tab to be the default tab when a page is loaded. There is no limit to the number of tabs you may create for each instance of the widget.



To create a new Tabs widget you must first select the parent folder (We recommend adding it to tabs in the widgets folder). Then head to the "New" dropdown menu in the upper left and select Widgets>>Tabs. This will create a new Tabs widget in the selected parent folder. Select your new Tabs widget page and select "edit", you may now configure your new widget.

See the Form Fields section to see what each field corresponds to. Each tab can have a title which is displayed in the tab bar at the top of the widget and a content body (rich text) or widget.

Form Fields

Tab (Multiple)

  • Title:
    • Specify a title for the tab
  • Content:
    • Insert formatted text and content
  • Widget:
    • Specify a widget to include in the tab
    Last Modified: November 19, 2012 at 04:16 PM