The Video widget allows you to include a YouTube video on a page which will open in a modal for the video when clicked. You may also specify the amount of space which the widget occupies: Teaser, 2 Columns, and 3 Columns.

Videos (To change video quality, click the "gear" icon in the player controls.)



To create a new Video widget you must first select the parent folder (We recommend adding it to videos in the widgets folder). Then head to the "New" dropdown menu in the upper left and select Widgets>>Video. This will create a new Video widget in the selected parent folder. Select your new Video widget page and select "edit", you may now configure your new widget.

For a video widget you must specify a widget width and a YouTube URL to the video.

Form Fields


  • Select the width of the widget
    • Teaser
    • 2 Column
    • 3 Column


  • Youtube URL: 
    • Specify a Youtube URL for the widget
  1. (8/3/12) The Video Teasers now function properly. As you were.
  2. (7/20/12) We are currently having issues with the Teaser view opening in a modal. We recommend using either a 2-column or 3-column until the issue is resolved.
Last Modified: November 19, 2012 at 03:49 PM