Publishing and Unpublishing Content

Publishing Content

Content in Cascade must first be published before it can be seen on your site. To publish content on your site you must first select the Folder, Item, or Page which you wish to publish by clicking on the item within the sidebar on the left of the page. Then you must switch to the “Publish” tab from the “View” tab for the item.

Once selected, you will have the options to select the page configuration and destination for the published content. This is very important and often times unknown. We have two options (see image below) to choose, we can either publish to Preview or Production, or both. The Preview option is where you should publish everything first, before publishing to Production. The reason is so you can test how your page(s) and content looks before making it live. Just uncheck the Production box to publish to Preview only and then click Submit.

Once published to Preview, you can view the page by typing in the URL of the page with instead of the normal Verify that everything looks good and then go back and republish again, but this time just choose to publish to Production. Now that it is published to Production, it is live and everyone will be able to see it.


To unpublish content from Cascade this can be achieved from the same tab where content was published. When you select an item that you want to unpublish you can then select the Publish tab. Under the Options section you will see a Publish Mode toggle where you can select from Publish or Un-publish.

Once you have chosen from which Destination and the Page Configuration for your item you will then select Un-publish for the Publish Mode and click Submit. You will receive a teaser notifying you of the status of your unpublish request.

Following publishing status

At any time you can check the status of a publish/unpublish request by viewing Active Jobs or Scheduled Jobs from the Publisher menu item under the Cascade logo dropdown menu in the top left of your screen.

Last Modified: March 07, 2013 at 09:52 AM