Disability Support Services

 Image: Student in Scotland

Studying abroad in Scotland with a hearing disability was definitely intimidating. Academic preparation was done beforehand, but nothing prepared me for the sounds of Russian, German, Mandarin and Hausa, the native languages of my housemates. While all of them spoke English, their pronunciation was difficult. The experience forced me to be creative in the ways of communicating with the new people around me. I enjoyed the lively pub scene with a text phone, typing away my thoughts and ideas in the midst of carousing and handing it to the person beside me, I was clearly understood. With the right attitude, everyone burst into laugher when my awkward silly misunderstandings did occur. As I traveled around Europe, I misunderstood some things, got lost more than a few times, but many people looked after me and I liked to say I planned my wild adventure that way. 

-Christine B., Class of 2009