PLU's Philosophy on Working with Student with Disabilities

  • PLU is committed to providing equal educational opportunities in higher education to academically qualified students with disabilities
  • Students with disabilities attending the University are integrated as completely as possible into the university community.
  • PLU does not offer a specialized curriculum for students with disabilities nor does it assume the role of educational remediation.
  • PLU strongly encourages students with disabilities to be involved in both academic and extra curricular activities.

Information About Accommodations

The Rights of Faculty
  • To receive enough information about individual student needs so that teaching and advising responsibilities can be fulfilled.
  • To receive timely, reasonable requests regarding accommodations.
The Accommodation Process Involves
  • The student with a disability meets with the Director of Disability Support Services to discuss policies and procedures for instituting accommodations.
  • The student provides a request for accommodation support and appropriate documentation of the disability.
  • The Director determines accommodations to be provided by PLU.
  • Each semester, the student electronically requests accommodations and that a Faculty Notification Letter be sent to requested faculty members describing the needed classroom accommodations recommended by the student’s professional assessor.
  • Faculty receive the Faculty Notification Letter via email, which should be kept confidential by the faculty and discussed only with the student and DSS staff (e.g.,. informing the Director of any concerns of potentially unreasonable accommodations.)

An Accommodation is Unreasonable if

  • It requires a change in the essential nature of a course or program.
  • Creates an administrative hardship in implementation.
  • Significantly compromises the health or safety of the student or others.

If a student is requesting classroom accommodations and you have not received a Faculty Notification Letter, please send the student to register his/her disability with the Director of Disability Support Services in AUC Suite 300 or call x7206.  PLU does not provide testing for disability qualification.  We can, however, provide interested parties with a list of local resources.

Providing Accommodations
  • Please include a statement about requesting accommodations in your syllabus, such as: If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, if you have emergency medical information to share with me, or if you need other special arrangements, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.  If you have questions concerning the services available for students with disabilities at PLU, please contact the Director of Disability Support Services in AUC Suite 300 or call x7206.
  • Provide classroom accommodations only after you have received a Faculty Notification Letter from the Director of Disability Support Services.  It is recommended the student and faculty have a discussion regarding specific support or arrangements needed to access any accommodations and the contents of the Faculty Notification Letter. If a student has not made an appointment, faculty should contact the student if possible.
  • Please take into account the needs of students with disabilities when designing off-campus experiences or atypical class activities (e.g., sign language interpreters, accessible parking, etc.)  See ADA Guide to Event Planning.