Disability Support Services

General Information

New to PLU or DSS?

To arrange accommodations at Pacific Lutheran University, students must self-identify to the Director of Disability Support Services (DSS).  Guidelines for documentation for specific disabilities can be found on our downloadable forms page. Please contact the director with questions at 253-535-7206.  First year at college? Click here to see how PLU is different from high school.  Click here to learn why high school documentation is different from required documentation for college.  To learn more about what documentation is, read the AHEAD Summary of Documentation.

Single Room Requests

Request for single rooms based on extenuating circumstances, such as certain medical conditions that prohibit sharing a living space, should be directed to the Residential Life Office.

Requesting and Receiving Accommodations
  1. Meet with the Director of DSS, prior to the start of the academic term to discuss the accommodations needed for your specific classes. Please make requests for accommodations at least six weeks in advance of a course, workshop, program or activity for which accommodations are requested.  A list of our mostly frequently provided accommodations is available.

  1. Make sure that you have appropriate documentation on file with our office. Our guidelines for documentation can be found on our documents and forms page, under Documentation Policies. A consent for disclosure may be needed to get additional information from your professional assessor regarding accommodations.
  2. If you are a new student you must fill out the DSS Registration Form, Student Responsibilities in Maintaining Standards and the Contract for Services Form.
  3. After all paperwork is filed with the DSS Office, you will be able to sign your Letter of Accommodation that will be sent out to professors. After a letter is mailed, students need to meet with each professor receiving a letter to discuss implementation of accommodations. A Letter of Accommodation is a document notifying professors of the specific accommodations needed by an individual student.  Students select which professors to send a letter to based on the accommodations they need for those classes.  The individual student decides whether or not to disclose his/her specific disability in the letter.
  4. Review the Student Responsibilities as to assure that you have taken the steps needed to implement and maintain your accommodations.

All forms listed above are available on our documents and forms page.

Foreign Language and Math Requirements

PLU does not offer a foreign language exemption for students with hearing loss or learning disabilities; however, courses may be substituted. More information please follow this link to the PLU Catalog.  For further questions, contact your academic advisor.

A Word About Accommodations

They are not intended to be used as an unfair advantage over other students nor are accommodations a substitute for class attendance, participation and completion of requirements.  Accommodations do not guarantee success, but once they are in place, accommodations should allow you to access class material and to fairly demonstrate what you have learned.  Here are suggestions for further assistance:

The Academic Assistance Center at PLU
At the AAC, you’ll find free academic support services that can help you become a more effective, independent learner. Meet with a tutor, join a foreign language conversation group, work on study strategies, attend a group review session for one of your courses, or just stop by for free flashcards.
Downloadable Resources: