Disability Support Services

At the DSS Office we work to provide reasonable accommodations to students in the most straightforward manner possible.  Please visit our DSS Staff section to read about what we individually do.

We are here to provide support to the students, which means all students registered with DSS need to take an active role in seeking and maintaining their documentation and accommodations.  Please review the student responsibilities listed below to find out what you can do to make the accommodation process runs smoothly.

All Students
  • Letters of Accommodation are signed each Fall, J-term, Spring and/or Summer.
  • Immediately inform Disability Support Services if you add/drop a class or leave the university.
  • Meet with your professors at the beginning of the semester to discuss the Letter of Accommodation.
  • If you have questions, or if you are too bewildered to even ask a question, PLEASE CALL Disability Support Services at 253-535-7206!
  • Complete student contact information when contact information changes.
Students Receiving Books on DVD/CD
  • When signing out each set of DVD’s or CD’s, bring in your receipts for proof of purchase of your books.
  • If receiving DVD’s/CD’s, return them at the end of the semester, J-term, or Summer intact and rubber-banded in order. Students who do not return DVD’s/CD’s may have a hold put on their account.
Students Utilizing Note Taker
  • Notify us immediately if you change classes, sections, or drop a class.
Students Taking Tests in the DSS Office
  • Schedule tests to be proctored as soon as possible.  If other accommodations are needed, mention these at the time of scheduling, e.g., reader, scribe, computer, etc.
  • Talk with your professor prior to every test or when changing a test already scheduled to be taken in our office.
  • For more detailed information, please read our memo regarding test proctoring.