Disability Support Services

Come by UC 300. We’d love to meet you and discuss what our office can do to make your experience at PLU more successful.

The DSS Office is located on the third floor of the University Center, which is located on the upper campus of PLU near Park and 122nd St.  The UC is bordered by the Ramstad Hall and Red Square, as shown on the PLU campus map.

Director of Disability Support Services (DSS)

Paula Burns

  • Provides information to students with disabilities to facilitate the disclosure of disability and requested accommodations and/or auxiliary aids.
  • Reviews documentation of disability and assesses requested accommodation; advises students what, if any, accommodation will be made and/or auxiliary aids provided.
  • Prepares Letter of Accommodation for student’s signature regarding accommodations to be provided by Pacific Lutheran University.
  • Advises student of rights, procedures for appealing Director’s decision.
  • Maintains records related to services requested and accommodations provided. Documentation regarding disabilities that is created by others and received by PLU (e.g., professional evaluation of a learning disability) is considered by PLU to be a Medical Treatment Record and will be maintained as such. Records pertaining to the academic accommodations provided by PLU are considered to be Educational Records (not Medical Treatment Records) as defined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA”), and may be utilized in the same manner and under the same conditions as other Educational Records.
  • Works with faculty to coordinate accommodations as agreed between the director, faculty and student.
  • Coordinates with Facilities Management to remove physical barriers to accessibility.
Assistant to the Director

Becky Sebasty

  • Coordinates delivery of adaptive technology services to students with specific disability-related impairments.
  • Teaches eligible students how to use various adaptive computer software programs. Troubleshoots any software or hardware problems a student may encounter. Researches new developments in adaptive technologies
  • Designs training and services on a disability-specific and impairment-specific basis. Provides trainings for students and faculty upon request.
  • Hires, trains and supervises student note takers.
  • Oversees the process of getting books transferred to DVD, CD/MP3 and/or Braille. Works with faculty and bookstore staff to obtain information and resources for students.
  • Maintains database for inventory of all assistive and adaptive technologies, including, but not limited to, DVD/CD/MP3 library, tracking of texts to and from bookstores/bindery/vendors, etc.
  • Serves as a liaison to students, faculty, staff, vendors, and other universities in assistive technology advancements.
  • Creates, updates, and maintains the DSS website.
Administrative Assistant

Myles Getman, B.A.

  • Serves as the Administrative Assistant for both the DSS Office and the Counseling Center at PLU. He usually is the person who will greet you at the front desk or take your phone call.
  • Coordinates all interpreter requests, schedules interpreters for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, and processes all invoices for vendors and professional services such as interpreters and realtime captioners.
  • Schedules and administers tests being proctored in the DSS Office for students with testing as an accommodation.
  • Assists in the hiring and supervision of student note takers.
Student Office Assistants


  • Assists all DSS staff in regular duties including: working at the front desk, returning completed tests to professors, keeping time for students taking tests, and acting as scribes for student testers.
  • Trains students to work with the programs available in the Assistive Technology Lab.