Department ofEducation

Teacher Assessment of Performance and Practice System (TAPPS)

We have designed the Teacher Assessment of Performance and Practice System (TAPPS) to serve four primary purposes.

Address the knowledge and skill requirements of Washington State’s Standard V
Ensure curriculum alignment and instruction with learning outcomes and objectives through the use of feedback loops
Allow teacher candidates to demonstrate and reflect upon their own learning in relation to Standard V and that of their students in P-12 classrooms
Produce knowledge that may help in answering: “what makes an effective teacher?” and “how should teacher preparation programs support the development of effective teachers?”

TAPPS is housed in a secure web-based portfolio, assessment and data analysis program run by Chalk & Wire. 

On this page, you will find resources to help you understand our assessment system. 

Chalk and Wire Information
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Candidate assessment portfolios are called the Professional Growth Plan (PGP).  PGP due dates will be assigned by the instructor of the course linked with each PGP.

The PGP has been designed to chart candidate growth in relation to the different components of StandardV: Knowledge and Skills for Teachers as candidates progress through the program. Candidates are expected to support their self- assessment through specific Teacher-Based and Student-Based Evidence (TBE & SBE), which is to be attached to each entry or submission of the PGP in their Chalk &Wire portfolio. These artifacts (TBE & SBE) are the products completed through coursework,evidence gathered during fieldwork, and from field-based evaluations (e.g.,Teacher Performance Assessment or TPA).  Supporting evidence for each entry in thePGP must include the one piece of "common evidence" (e.g.,lesson plan) connected to that particular entry and the course in which it is assigned. All pieces of common evidence are thus first introduced as course assignments,which are then later submitted as required evidence for the PGP submissions.

To complete a PGP entry candidates submit a short narrative that describes, analyzes, and reflects on how the evidence they provide demonstrates their competency in meeting the standard. Each entry inthePGP links to a specific component of Standard V.

When completing an entry into their professional growth plans candidates are asked to answer the following three questions:

•Where am I now in relation to the standard?

•How does my evidence support my assertions?

•What are my professional goals for this standard?

Candidates complete a total off our PGP submissions with the final entry serving as a portfolio in which they demonstrate their competency in meeting all criteria in Standard V. The common evidence for each entry of the PGP includes the following:

•For PGP entry #1 candidates submit a professional position statement and reflection

•For PGP entry #2 candidates submit a lesson plan and reflection

•For PGP entry #3 candidates submit a sequence of lessons

• For the Portfolio/PGP#4 candidates address each criterion within Standard V and submit student based evidence and a reflection

This self-assessment and supporting documentation in each entry of the PGP along with feedback from faculty,supervisors and cooperating teachers in the field will provide the candidate with data to develop and describe the learning goals for their next steps in achieving certification