Department ofEducation

Dining and Attractions Available

During the AP* Summer Institute

Red Square

On-Campus Dining

PLU Dining Services

Meals will be available on campus through PLU's Dining Services.  The newly renovated University Center is home to the Commons and the Old Main Market.  Other on-campus choices include the Tahoma Bakery & Cafe, the Kelley Cafe, and 2 espresso carts. Visit PLU's Dining Services for more information.

Finding Snacks Around Campus

Snacks will be provided for participants each day. In addition, there is an espresso cart in the lobby of the Administration Building, with a variety of baked goods, pastries, deli sandwiches, and drinks. The Old Main Market, located in the University Center, provides a multitude of snack options, including an espresso cart and deli.  The Morken Center houses the Kelley Cafe, a deli/coffee shop with sandwiches and coffee drinks. Throughout buildings across the campus there are soda pop and food vending machines.

Off-Campus Dining & Attractions

If you choose to eat off-campus, there are many local restaurants within walking distance.  To view local restaurants and attractions click here.

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