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AP* American Government & Politics

We are pleased to welcome Jerry Morris to the 2014 AP* Summer Institute!

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jerry morris

Instructor Biography

Jerry Morris is a graduate of Western Washington University with degrees in Political Science, History, and Social Studies.  He has been teaching for 39 years and has taught both English and social studies.  He has been teaching AP* American Government and Politics for the past 15 years. He has been a reader and table leader, and is a College Board consultant who has conducted both one-day and week-long workshops throughout the western states. He was selected by College Board to present the workshop at the national conference. He also has been a competitor, and has presented workshops for We The People. In the summer Jerry can be found working in his garden or tramping around in the Cascades.

Course Description

Participants at the PLU Summer Institute will get 4 and ½ days of hands on instruction. The entire course will be constructed from day 1 to the test.  Each participant will be an active member throughout the week.  Participants will receive sample textbooks, a binder of over 600 pages of materials, and a CD with all those same materials in PDF format for teacher ease of use.


Day 1

Monday:  Morning Session

I. Introductions/ Announcements

II. Notebooks/CD, syllabus for the week

III. AP Culture Discussion

        A. Who takes AP?

                1. AP studies

        B. Entrance requirements

        C. Summer assignments

IV. What is needed for AP at your school?

        A. Textbook samples

        B.  Readers

        C. Syllabus

        D. Current Events

        E. Vocabulary, Reading Quizzes, Yearlong vs. Semester

VI. Participants sample lessons/best practices


Monday:  Afternoon Session

VII. Multiple Choice practice exam

        A. Answers for exam with discussion and rationale

        B. Handout: What students must know to pass the exam

VIII. Unit I: Constitutional Underpinnings

        A. Foundations

        B. Constitution

        C. Federalism

        D. Films, tests, and other resources

Homework Assignment:  Precis writing assignment for Tuesday


Day 2

Tuesday:  Morning Session

I. Precis writing development/groups

        A. Federalist Papers #51, #78, #10 as a precis

II. AP verbs: How to get students to answer what is asked

III. Sample previous free response questions

        A. Develop free response questions for beginning units


Tuesday:  Afternoon Session

IV. Units II and III:  Political Parties, Interest Groups, Elections, Media

        A. Develop campaign spending chart for students

        B. Design a political party

        C. Films and other resources

        D. Computer lab

V. Best practices/sample lessons


Day 3

Wednesday:  Morning Session

I. Unit IV: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

        A. 1st amendment

        B. 4th amendment

        C. 14th amendment

        D. Selective Incorporation

        E.  Films, tests, and other resources

II. Best practices/sample lessons


Wednesday:  Afternoon Session

III. Unit V:  Institutions

        A. Congress

                1. Simulation

        B. Executive

        C. Judidiary

                1. Court Cases

        D. Bureaucracy

        E. Sample questions for in-class writing


Day 4

Thursday:  Morning Session

I. Budget

II. Entitlements

III. Public Policy

IV. Developing free response questions and rubrics


Thursday:  Afternoon Session

V. Review questions from morning, with sample responses

VI. Sample score question(s) from 2012(2013?) test

        A. Mock grading session

VII. Debrief and evaluations

What To Bring

  • Flash drive

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