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The teacher PEAB meets a minimum of three times per year.  The PEAB provides feedback and direction on curricular decisions, reviews program assessment data, and shares insights about the directions and needs of K12 schools.

The final meeting for 2013-2014 is May 20th.

Prior meeting minutes are archived here:

Fall 2013 and Winter 2014

Prior Years

Teacher Professional Education Advisory Board Members

Mr. Royce Albert (2009-2012), Steilacoom Historical S.D.

Ms. Michele Bledsoe (2009-2012), Puyallup S.D.

Mr. Jay Brower (2009-2012), Bethel S.D.

Mr. Steve Colgan (2011-2014) PLU

Mr. Zach Hansen (2011-2014), Annie Wright

Ms. Adriana Julian (2010-2013), Tacoma S.D.

Ms. Pamela Kruse (2014-2017), Franklin Pierce S.D.

Ms. Tammy Larsen (2012-2015), Tacoma S.D.

Mr. Angelo Mills (2008-2011), Puyallup S.D

Ms. Kristen Orlando (2014-2017), Tacoma, S.D.

Mr. Chase Parsley (2012-2015), Kent S.D.

Ms. Denice Randle (2009-2012), Tacoma S.D.

Ms. Kathleen Schwartze (2009-2012), Clover Park S.D.

Mr. Jesse Smith (2012-2015), Chief Leschi

Dr. Vidya Thirumurthy (2005-2011), PLU

Dr. Vanessa Tucker (2012-2015), PLU

Ms. Amy Tutty (2014-2017), Puyallup S.D.

Dr. Jan Weiss (2012-2015), PLU

Mr. Bryan Zagar (2009-2012) Franklin Pierce S.D.