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Candidates begin the undergraduate pre-service preparation program during the fall semester of their junior year and finish with the successful completion of their student teaching experience, which typically occurs during the spring of their senior year. They may pursue either an elementary or secondary education course of study. For most candidates the length of their student teaching placement is 15 weeks with a minimum of 6 weeks “full-time” teaching. However, for candidates completing a dual endorsement (Elem/Sped) the length of the student teaching placement is 18 weeks with 9 weeks in each placement. In each placement these candidates should be teaching “full--time” for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Click here for information regarding areas of emphasis for elementary education majors.

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Elementary Education

Semester I:
EDUC 390 Inquiry into Learning I (4)
EDUC 392 Inquiry into Learning II (4)
EDUC 320 Issues of Child Abuse and Neglect (1)
EDUC 394 Technology and Teaching (2)
Practicum: minimum of 40 hours in a K-8 classroom
Semester II:
EDUC 406 Math in K-8 (4)
EDUC 408 Lit in K-8 (4)
EDUC 424 Inquiry into Teaching I (4)
SPED 424 Learners with Special Needs (4)
Practicum: minimum of 80 hours in a K-8 classroom

Semester III*:
EDUC 410 Sci/Health (4)
EDUC 412 Social Studies K-8 (4)
EDUC 425 Inquiry into Teaching II (4)
Practicum: minimum of 80 hours in a K-8 classroom

*All candidates must pass the WEST-E by the end of Semester III otherwise they will not be provided a student teaching placement during Semester IV. 

Semester IV:
EDUC 430 Student Teaching (10)
EDUC 450 Seminar (2)